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Create the life you truly want to have

Most of the changes in our life are like diet, exercise, and new years' resolutions. We start out highly motivated but soon tend to revert to our old habits.
However, it is possible to achieve sustainable changes and real transformations when the actions and decisions we make come from a more conscious place.
That is why I have created Conscious Coaching,
to accompany you to:
Improve your
Clarify where you want to be
Take actions to achieve your goals
How can I accompany you

Coaching and Enneagram are the basis of my accompaniment processes.


Processes that start from self-knowledge and are like a trip to the interior of the ocean ... courage is required, they involve going through points of darkness in which we can feel lost and confused, but they allow us to reach depth and connect with all our light.


The ocean is unpredictable, strong, and mysterious ... just like your interior. But that's where you find the answers to make more conscious decisions, achieve your goals, and achieve far-reaching changes!

Sesión de prueba
Do you have questions?

Book a Free Sample Session

Sample Session

45 min.

It will be the opportunity for you to tell me what you are looking for and what motivates you to start a coaching process. It will also allow me to tell you about the tools through which I can accompany you.

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