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Camila Fernández

About Me

I Invite You To Meet Me

To begin, I want to tell you that the smile is my most notable characteristic, and I have learned over time that it is not only my expression of joy; it is also there in times of stress and even sadness. I am a dreamer, outgoing and emotional person; I love to talk, travel and read.
I deeply believe in the possibility of contributing to a world in which people can live from a more conscious place. That is why I have been passionate about learning about different topics related to the way human beings think, feel and act.
Like everyone else, I also have some characteristics that are not my favorites and that I seek to improve, but that ultimately are part of me: I am extremely active, competitive and I have to work hard to set limits and say 'no' to the people I love the most.
Image by Cristian Palmer

Why Did I Decide To Become A Coach?

For most of my life, I lived on autopilot, making important decisions motivated by the "should be." I studied engineering, an MBA and worked for 13 years in the financial sector.
I was a successful professional, but a part of me felt that something was missing, a part that I ignored, it was telling me that something was not right. Until the day came... when the universe took it upon itself to show me that I had to pause and start listening to my inner self. An experience that led to a very strong and deep process of self-knowledge where I experienced situations of pain and crisis, but  brought so much light and learning that today I can only feel gratitude for what I experienced.
Thanks to this process, today I deeply believe that all people deserve to live a more conscious, balanced life aligned with their essence, values and purpose.
And that is why I decided to create Coaching Consciente, to accompany other people in their process of self-knowledge, self-exploration and transformation. This is a space that seeks a balance between being and doing, so that they can embrace their changes, objectives and challenges from a more conscious space, making decisions focused on creating the life they really want to have.

My certifications

Master in Enneagram, Enea, Colombia
Certification in Integral Enneagram, Enea, Colombia
Coach Profesional, The Coactive Training Institute, EEUU
Certification in Transpersonal Enneagram
Member of the Colombian Enneagram Association
Certified True Purpose Trained Coach
International Coaching Federation Member
International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach 
Relational Master based on Enneagram - Practitioner Level
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