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Purpose Coaching

The purpose of life answers the question, what am I here for, in this world? Discovering it allows you to connect with the deep meaning of your life, be more aligned with who you are, give more meaning to everything you do and ultimately have a reason to get up every day.

It is very common that purpose is confused with career or trade, a limited vision, exclusive from a professional or work perspective. However, the purpose of life is something much deeper that connects with who you are, the gifts you have and how to share them with others and with the legacy that you want to leave in this world. 
In this process, I accompany you to discover your purpose and build the plan that allows you to manifest it in your life, which requires a deep commitment on your part to look within and consciously choose to live a life with greater meaning and fulfillment.
Living on purpose involves all areas of your life and allows you to have a greater sense of satisfaction and a sense of contribution. Of course, the ideal scenario is that your career or work is aligned so that you can not only live on purpose but also making a living with your purpose. 
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