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The Enneagram is a powerful and versatile tool for self-knowledge and self-development. 

Each of the 9 enneatypes associated with the Enneagram represents a personality type, a mental model with patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.
Exploring this tool allows us to recognize our ego, understand the "lenses" through which we perceive and interpret the world, recognize our deepest fears and desires, identify patterns and limiting beliefs, as well as discover innate virtues and abilities. It also allows us to discover what we identify with but that definitely does not represent who we really are. 
It allows us to understand that all human beings perceive reality from different perspectives. This invites us to be more empathetic and compassionate, understanding that we are not better or worse, we are simply different. 
You start the process by answering individually 3 online questionnaires, which require approximately 90 minutes.
Then we have 3 context sessions so that you get to know the tool and each of the types. Then a session to delve into the enneatype that you have identified as dominant and finally we have the final session in which I share your comprehensive Enneagram report, which I elaborate from the 3 questionnaires. This report allows you to know which are the present and absent enneatypes in your life currently. 
At the end of this process, you will have a development plan because in reality identification is only the starting point to begin a true transformation process that allows you to go from automatic and limiting patterns to free and conscious choices that empower you and allow you to create the life you really want to have. 
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