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In this process I accompany you to achieve your personal and/or professional goals, which initially implies understanding where you are and where you want to be.

This requires your willingness to invest time and energy in a process that involves raising your level of consciousness, identifying your limiting beliefs and thought patterns, exploring different perspectives, and better managing your emotions. From this, you can create new ways of thinking, feeling and acting, making more conscious decisions that are focused on achieving the objectives that you set for yourself at the beginning of the process.
There is not a standardized coaching process, it is a path that we design together and that depends exclusively on what you want to achieve.
I am here to accompany you to connect with all your inner resourcefulness, to find the answers you are looking for through different tools, so that you can unleash your full potential and that you can create the life that you truly want to have.
Co-Active is the Coaching model that I use and which is one of the most internationally recognized. It is a model that seeks to deepen learning to mobilize action, which translates into a balance between being and doing.
Since I want to accompany you to achieve your goals and to create transcendent and sustainable changes over time, your commitment in a process of at least 3 months is essential.
We will have an initial 2-hour online or face-to-face session to build the foundations of our relationship and begin to define the objectives.
Then we will have an online or face-to-face session of 1 hour every two weeks.
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