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Enneagram Workshop with Camila Fernández 

Live Enneagram Workshop
With Camila Fernández, CoActive Coach.
Next pending dates to be defined
Value: COP 150,000 | USD 44

Reasons to participate in this Enneagram workshop

Begin to identify your Essence Enneatype, that mental model that has been dominant since your birth.
Raise your level of consciousness by identifying automatic patterns. This is the first step to start modifying them.
Be more compassionate by understanding that all of us use different "lenses" to perceive and interpret the world.

¿Qué es el Eneagrama?

 La historia y relevancia
The word Enneagram comes from the Greek "Enea" which means "Nine" and "Gama" which means "Graph, trace, line".
It is said that it is a symbol that originated in Babylon around the year 2,500 BC and there are several researchers who agree that it is a millennial symbol that integrates much of the ancestral wisdom.   
The Enneagram describes the personality of human beings from 9 eneatypes or personality types, which are mental models with patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.
Although all human beings are different, it has been possible to demonstrate the existence of these archetypal traits and that is why it is considered to be a very deep and precise tool for self-knowledge.
People who have the same Enneatype, broadly share motivations, fears, talents, existential challenges, ways of perceiving reality, communication and relationship styles, among other characteristics.
This is why the Enneagram serves as a guide for people to explore our inner world, we can recognize the existence of our essence and also of our ego, so that we can make automatic behaviors conscious and thus we can advance on the path of evolution and transformation personal.

Who I am?

I deeply believe in the possibility of contributing to a world in which people can live from a more conscious space. That is why I have been passionate about learning about different topics related to the way human beings think, feel and act.
I decided to create Conscious Coaching to accompany other people in their process of self-knowledge and transformation, a space that seeks a balance between being and doing, so that they can face their own changes, objectives and challenges from a more conscious space, making decisions focused on creating the life they really want to have.

My certifications

Master in Enneagram, Enea, Colombia
Certification in Integral Enneagram, Enea, Colombia
Co-active Coach, The Coactive Training Institute, EEUU
Certification in Transpersonal Enneagram
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Member of the Colombian Enneagram Association

​© Camila Fernandez - Coaching Consciente | Colombia |

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